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006-school.png OUR SCHOOL

DURAT AL SHARQ INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL came into existence in the year 2005 recognized by the Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia License no. 520-3256 (Boys); 520-3815 (Girls)

Durat Al Sharq International School (formerly Pearl of the Orient International School) is one of the Schools offering American Curriculum in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a private school which began its operation in September 2005 with Boys and a Girls Section, in line with the Kingdom’s policy on segregation of sexes. The levels of education are from Pre-school (from kindergarten 1 to 3) , Primary (from grade 1 to 3), Intermediate (from grade 4-5) Junior High School( from grade 7 to 10) and Senior High School ( from Grade 11 to 12). The school is licensed by the Ministry of Education in Jeddah, and American International Accreditation Association USA.

049-idea.png OUR VISION - رؤيتنا

To prepare students to become productive, innovate creative, and effective members of society

إعداد الطلاب ليصبحوا أفراداً منتجين ومبدعين ومبتكرين ومؤثرين في المجنمع

004-notebook.png OUR MISSION

To provide a distinctive quality education through an attractive and safe educational environment that promotes skills and abilities encourages scientific research and simulates creativity and innovation

تقديم تعليم متميز للجميع في بيئة تعليمية جاذبة وآمنة ترتقي بالمهارات والقدرات وتثري البحث العلمي وتشجع الإبداع والابتكار

How to register your child in Durat School ?
طريقة التسجيل في مدرسة درة الشرق

Fees Payment

Please go to accountant section in the school to pay the fees
فضلاً توجه لقسم المحاسبة بالمدرسة للسداد

Please fill one separate form for each receipt | يرجى تعبئة نموذج منفصل لكل إيصال
Please separate names with commas (,) | يرجى فصل الأسماء بفاصلة 

You can select multiple by pressing CTRL button in computer  | يمكن اختيار أكثر من صف بالضغط على زر CTRL في الكمبيوتر