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Change classes timing

This form is targeted to parents to confirm on changing the timing of classes to morning shift from 9:00 AM to 1:45 PM


Payment Confirmation Form
This form for confirmation the payment of school fees or bill by uploading a copy of bank receipt.
Admission Feedback
Measuring satisfaction with the registration process - قياس مدى الرضا عن عملية التسجيل
Apply your resume for any free vacancy in school
Please fill one separate form for each receipt | يرجى تعبئة نموذج منفصل لكل إيصال
Please separate names with commas (,) | يرجى فصل الأسماء بفاصلة 

You can select multiple by pressing CTRL button in computer  | يمكن اختيار أكثر من صف بالضغط على زر CTRL في الكمبيوتر 

How to register your child in Durat School ?
طريقة التسجيل في مدرسة درة الشرق

Fees Payment

Please go to accountant section in the school to pay the fees
فضلاً توجه لقسم المحاسبة بالمدرسة للسداد